Timothy Juliani

Senior Director, Business Strategy and Partnerships

Expertise: Corporate social responsibility/sustainability; corporate engagement on climate and environment policy; carbon offsets

Timothy Juliani is the Senior Director of Business Strategy and Partnerships at the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES), which has been consistently named as one of the top global environmental think tanks. He directs the multi-sectoral, invitation-only C2ES Business Environmental Leadership Council (BELC). With combined revenue of $2 trillion and 3.5 million employees, the BELC is the largest U.S.-based group of companies devoted to climate- and energy-related policies and solutions.

Mr. Juliani also co-developed and sits on the Steering Committee of the annual EPA Climate Leadership Awards and conference, and he participates in the center’s policy work and publications on energy issues, carbon markets and offsets. He has represented C2ES at the past five UNFCCC Conferences of the Parties, and has spoken on corporate sustainability and climate change issues across the United States, in Europe, Africa and Australia. He has also worked at the US EPA, where he launched the GreenChill corporate partnership program.

Mr. Juliani earned his Master of Arts in international economics, energy and environment at The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, D.C., where he is currently an adjunct professor and teaches a course on corporate social responsibility. He also completed a post-baccalaureate program at the University of Washington, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in religion, magna cum laude with highest honors, and a minor in medieval history from Middlebury College in Vermont.